Awakening Mymensingh:Coffee Journey with Afrain Kabir AKA Coffee Wala

Awakening Mymensingh:Coffee Journey with Afrain Kabir AKA Coffee Wala

Md Afrain Kabir popularly known as CoffeeWala. Mymensingh city – where thousands of people are drowning in the sea of ​​tea, this young man has brought the love of coffee in people’s hearts. CoffeeWala is like a kingdom of coffee. There is no doubt that this young man will one day intoxicate people all over the city with the smell of coffee.

CoffeeWala is a charming coffeehouse located in the bustling neighborhood of “Notun Bazar” in the heart of Mymensingh city. Md Afrain Kabir, Proprietor and Interior Enthusiast , has created a unique atmosphere that has established a deep love affair with the city’s warm hospitality.

However, CoffeeWala is not just about aesthetics; It serves some of the best coffee, pastries and brownies in town. Md Afrain Kabir, the craftsman behind the cafe, has given special attention to creating delicious food that is as good to look at as it is to eat. Whether you want to fall in love with the aroma of coffee or immerse yourself in it, CoffeeWala is working day and night to satisfy your thirst.

One might wonder why Md Afrain Kabir chose to set up his cafe in Mymensingh, a city not traditionally known for its coffee culture. When asked he explained that there was a need in the area that was not being met. A touch of love like coffee is a challenge to reach the streets of the city where almost everyone in the city is busy with tea. While my city didn’t lack everything, a dedicated coffeeshop was lacking for a lifetime. Thinking that people will fall in love and love with coffee, CoffeeWala appeared at the end of 2020. Md Afrain Kabir saw this as an opportunity to fill a gap in the market and provide a much-needed service to the community.

The interior of CoffeeWala is a reflection of Md Afrain Kabir’s Islamic thinking. His love for Islamic architecture, the intricate details, inspired him to create a space that made people think about themselves. When entering the coffee shop, a kind of tender love is transmitted in the heart of the audience, they are forced to think that I really can’t give myself to the love of coffee? Honestly, the interior of the coffee shop is mind blowing. Every element of the interior has been carefully crafted to create a truly unique and unforgettable experience for guests, with a striking combination of golden color amidst black, along with minaret-like woodwork.

It is worth mentioning that Md Afrain Kabir’s commitment to quality extends to every aspect of his business. He has been training himself for the past 3 years alone. Each cold coffee is its own invention – CoffeeWala Chocoloco being the most popular among them. A Chocobar Ice-cream is served over this coffee. Along with that, he has made himself a lover of coffee.