WHO Bought COFFEE Home To Home

WHO Bought COFFEE Home To Home

There is an Italian company called Lelit that makes espresso makers and coffee grinders. They are known for making high-quality cappuccino machines that can be used at home or in a business. Lelit espresso makers usually have a sleek Italian design and the latest technology to make sure the best espresso extraction. The company has a variety of models to fit different tastes and budgets. These range from basic machines for beginners to more advanced ones that can be used by professionals and coffee lovers alike.

1980 in Italy.  The Epies family made a machine that lets you make coffee at home, which brought together two of the best coffee cultures in the world. Lelit is an expert in both espresso machines and washing machines.Surprisingly, 80% of the people who work at this huge company with about 250 employees are women. Breville Group Limited, an Australian multinational company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, bought Lelit from Gemme Italian Producers. Lelit is a major maker and distributor of home coffee machines and ironing systems.

We had a positive response from the public not because our machine had the best features, but because it had the greatest features for the money. We made a superior machine accessible

Mauro Epis

Best ones at LELIT

Italy is where Lelit Espresso machines are created and made. Every single espresso machine was thought out and built to give you the best temperature and water flow for making great espressos. If you buy these tools, you can bring a piece of Italian history home with you. None of them have been around as long as La Marzocco or Bejera. Instead, they are all passionate about new ideas and ready to try them out. They aren’t afraid to try new things and shake things up in the industry, whether it’s a cheap pressure measuring machine or a heat exchanger with dual PID.

Six of the best Lelit models of the past 20 years are,

  • Bianca V2
  • Elizabeth V3
  • Mara X
  • Victoria
  • Anna
  • Kate

Which combines classic design with modern technology to produce superb espresso.

Lelit’s Ambition

These machines got people all over the world interested in espresso and are the best places to enjoy it. Like a real barista, you can enjoy the taste of an Italian breakfast whenever you want with our tools.