The Best Ways to care for your Espresso Machine

The Best Ways to care for your Espresso Machine

Your espresso machine must be kept clean and well maintained if you want it to produce outstanding, quality espresso and last as long as possible. Follow these suggestions to keep your espresso machine in good operating condition daily, weekly, monthly and annually.


1. Use a moist towel to clean the steam wand and group head to get rid of any coffee or milk stains.

2. After each usage, flush the group head by briefly running water through it.

3. Clean out and empty the drip tray.


1. To get rid of any accumulation of oils and coffee grounds inside the group head and portafilter, backflush your machine with a cleaning solution made specifically for espresso machines.

2. To get rid of any buildup, soak the portafilter and basket in a cleaning solution.

3. To get rid of any milk stains, wipe the steam wand with a pipe cleaner.


1. Descale your machine to get rid of any mineral accumulation that could harm it and alter the flavor of your espresso. Use an espresso maker-specific descaling solution and according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

2. Shower screen and gasket should be removed and cleaned.

To get rid of any accumulation, soak them in a cleaning solution.


1. To guarantee that your water is clear of contaminants that could taint your espresso and harm your machine, change the water filter.

2. Have a qualified technician examine and maintain your machine to make sure it is operating correctly and to solve any potential problems.

For precise cleaning and maintenance requirements for your espresso maker, please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. Along with enhancing the flavor of your espresso, routine cleaning and maintenance will also increase the longevity of your machine.