Sugarpuffs cafe
A friendly place for African students in Bangladesh. It is one of best café in Dhaka where the workers are so nicely for foreigner specially for the students who are from Africa.

The welcoming we get is so great for us it makes us feel we are back home…we get affordable coffee, tea , snacks and it has good background for pictures. Some of the foreigners wish it was near to our house, but when coming from our house to ward sugarpuffs cafe we don’t feel the distance ‘cause our mind is programmed to visit sugarpuffs cafe, inspite of the distance.

The owner and staffs are well trained for welcoming.The cafe also has good equipped books in its mini library and some games to play. Don’t forget the music is outstanding even though there is smoking zone for smoker which is well decorated .Best place for taking time and relaxation. This location is fantastic! They provided the best coffee and treated their customers with the best attitude. The internet connection is unlimited and really fast. Yes, this location is ideal for both learning and unwinding. It had air conditioning and was extremely peaceful. I only want to return frequently to this location. I’m grateful.

One thing about this place interested me. They served the best and most reasonably priced coffee in the area. This coffee shop would be the finest if you’re searching for a spot to unwind and read some books or whatever. They sell the greatest coffee around, along with some freshly baked pastries. This store’s atmosphere was quite soothing and the personnel is very competent. I had everything I needed, so I couldn’t have asked for more.

Good work, guys! Maintain your excellent coffee and sweets!

An unique coffee cafe where you can read and study. Avoiding loud noises will greatly aid in your ability to focus. You can choose from a wide selection of meals and beverages there. I genuinely adore the gorgeous interior throughout. Believe me! You won’t ever be let down, for sure! a relaxing spot to remember.