La Cimbali M200 is the new era of perfection !

La Cimbali M200 is the new era of perfection !

A fresh approach : The debut of La Cimbali M200 was eagerly anticipated. Following in the tracks of a device like the M100 was difficult. But the word “project” captures La Cimbali’s essence. a persistent forward movement that led to the creation of a fresh aesthetic and practical model. a structure that is lower to allow for visible interaction and conversation between baristas and customers. A classic style that casually works in any setting. La Cimbali M200 is the outcome of a lengthy study effort.

Public ingenuity 
An unprecedented machine was created through a process of collective genesis incorporating the contributions of engineers and production technicians, baristas and sensory scientists, brand managers and industrial designers. The various efforts have been harmonized by designer Valerio Cometti into an iconic shape that fluidly expresses the forces at play and the gestures in motion.The brand-new M200 is a three-dimensional representation of a revitalized relationship between baristas and their patrons, who are growing more eager to learn about and enjoy fine coffee. a device made to maximize the physical experience. From our beginnings to the future, striving for excellence.


The brand’s style has advanced significantly with the new machine. The recognizable “C” profile has undergone a makeover to become tauter, more stylized, and more dynamic. The engine or boiler’s celebratory frame is now proudly on show rather than being concealed.

Focused on people 
Everything is perfectly situated and at the ideal distance to give you the ease and agility you require. Depending on the desired drink, the worktop’s height can be changed on demand thanks to the up&down system. Lighting fixtures are strategically placed to maximize visibility and create an impressive impact. It is simple to view and set preferences on tilted displays. Modular Turbosteam. created with care to be simple for you to use. The steam arm can be used easily and is adaptable.
Useful Technology 
For a “tailored” sensory outcome, three distinct systems are used. The cutting-edge thermal system with independent boilers is where master barista skill meets cutting-edge technology. 
The temperature of each boiler can be adjusted using GT1, providing the steadiness and adaptability required for a variety of recipes, including those for espresso, caffè crème, or French-style coffee.

The temperature control is further refined by PROFILE’s addition of differentiated pressure profile modulation, which also improves the in-cup result’s body, acid and bitterness strength, and olfactory spectrum. to satisfy the demands of modern coffee stores with a variety of specialties. 
Up to two temperature profiles can be specified for each coffee group in the soon-to-be-released GT2. This further increases the machine’s utility.