IKAWA – For Professionals

IKAWA – For Professionals

IKAWA is a specialty coffee roaster that produces high-quality, specialty-grade coffee using a unique, patent-pending roasting process. The company was founded in London in 2011 by Andrew Tucker and has since become a leader in the specialty coffee industry.

IKAWA roasts its coffee using a process that utilizes a combination of convective and conductive heat transfer to roast the beans in a way that preserves their natural flavors and aromas. The company has developed a number of different roast profiles that are designed to bring out the best in each particular coffee variety, and these profiles can be customized to suit the preferences of individual customers.

How to use IKAWA

To use the Ikawa coffee roaster,

  1. Fill the hopper with your desired amount of green coffee beans.
  2. Set the roasting profile using the Ikawa app or the control panel on the roaster.
  3. Press start on the app or control panel to begin the roasting process.
  4. The roaster will automatically roast the beans according to the chosen profile.
  5. Once the roasting process is complete, the roaster will automatically shut off and the beans will be discharged into the chaff tray.
  6. Remove the chaff tray and pour the roasted beans into a cool container.
  7. Allow the beans to rest for at least 24 hours before grinding and brewing.

Note: Always make sure to follow the safety guidelines provided in the Ikawa manual before using the roaster.

IKAWA also offers a range of other coffee-related products and services, including green coffee beans, brewing equipment, and barista training. The company is committed to sustainability and has developed a number of initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, including its use of biodegradable packaging materials and its support of coffee farmers through direct trade partnerships

They specialize in using innovative technology to roast small batches of high-quality coffee beans.

In terms of the global economy, IKAWA’s focus on specialty coffee and innovative roasting techniques highlights the increasing demand for specialty coffee and the trend towards sustainability and transparency in the coffee industry. The company sources its coffee beans from small-scale farmers in various countries around the world, contributing to the global economy through international trade.

In addition, IKAWA’s use of technology in the roasting process highlights the growing trend towards innovation and automation in the food and beverage industry. This can potentially lead to increased efficiency and cost-saving measures for the company, which could have an impact on the overall global economy.

Overall, IKAWA’s focus on specialty coffee, sustainability, and innovation demonstrates the changing dynamics of the global economy and the shifting consumer preferences towards high-quality and ethically-sourced products.