A new coffee line is presented by Franke Coffee Systems

A new coffee line is presented by Franke Coffee Systems

Beyond Traditional, a brand-new product category for use in professional coffee-making, and Mytico, the company’s first product line, have been unveiled by Franke Coffee Systems.

Modern technology is used in the new coffee line to deliver consistently excellent coffee. Because of its simplicity of use and shorter height, Mytico allows the barista to interact with the consumer.

Mytico is a revolutionary range of coffee makers with flawless Italian design on the outside and Franke’s Swiss excellence inside. According to Marco Zancol, CEO of Franke Coffee Systems, the machine adapts to varied spaces without sacrificing barista-grade in-cup quality, performance or dependability.

Mytico Due and Mytico Vario, the first two models in the Mytico series, were unveiled by Franke Coffee Systems at Internorga, which was held in Hamburg, Germany, from March 10 to 14.

With a two-step preparation using fully automated or conventional steam wands and a contemporary appearance, Mytico Due prioritizes barista-quality service. Because of its automated functionality, simple design and low machine height, baristas can interact with consumers with ease.

Mytico Vario has automated operation and a straightforward configuration. The integrated milk system expands the available beverage options while reducing milk waste. With minimal instruction, two persons can rapidly and simultaneously make coffee. The machine’s adaptability enables the creation of custom drinks, while the steam wand for milk substitutes minimizes cross-contamination.

Both models are completely compatible with Franke technologies, such as the ground-breaking iQFlowTM technology, allowing for remote monitoring and management of a single coffee machine or a fleet of coffee machines.

Not yet available in all nations, Mytico will eventually be introduced in different markets.