Takeout Selling COFFEE???

Takeout Selling COFFEE???

A group of friends started Takeout as a cart business where they used to sell burgers. Around that time, all they had was just one small stall in a row of stalls that catered to a huge crowd on a daily basis. Since then their popularity has only risen, which led to the creation of the most loyal fan-base a Bangladeshi burger joint has ever seen. Now Takeout is regarded as one of Bangladesh’s top burger restaurants. With a small, insufficient budget and a staff of only 6, they had a modest beginning. They began operations on June 8, 2014, in Dhanmondi’s Shimanto Square. they opened their further branched out to locations in Banani, Uttara, Tejgaon, and Ramna
TAKEOUT has even decided to extend its success internationally by opening an outlet in Colombo, Sri Lanka on October 2017. The story does not end here, TAKEOUT took a bold step into relocating to a different location in the heart of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

When Takeout Started Selling COFFEE?

Takeout is excited to announce that they will now be selling coffee at all of their outlets starting from the end of 2022. They have been planning this for a while now and have decided to go with La Cimbali Coffee machines for all of their locations. They currently offer two types of coffee: hot and cold.

The price of an espresso at Takeout is 145 taka, which is very reasonable for students. They also offer Americano for 175 taka, Cappuccino and Latte for 215 taka, which are also very affordable. Additionally, Takeout’s Iced Americano is priced at 180 taka, Mocha Blend at 350 taka, and Brownie Mocha at 440 taka, which are very popular with customers. Overall, Takeout is excited to offer this new menu item to their customers and hopes to make their coffee as delicious and affordable as possible.