Shurov Islam, Bangladeshi Barista Champion

Shurov Islam, Bangladeshi Barista Champion

Shurov Islam is a highly accomplished barista who won the 2018 Barista Championship organized by the Bangladesh Barista Association. His skill and expertise in crafting delicious and visually stunning coffee beverages have earned him accolades and respect in the coffee industry.

In 2018, the Bangladesh Barista Championship was organized by the Bangladesh Barista Association, bringing together talented baristas from all over the country to compete for the top prize. Shurov Islam emerged as the winner, demonstrating exceptional skills in coffee preparation and presentation. The championship played a significant role in promoting the coffee culture in Bangladesh.

After his championship win, Shurov went on to pursue a career in coffee management. He started a job as a barista at George’s cafe and now lanaded a job as managed at Gusto, where he oversees the coffee program at the popular establishment.

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