Lets make Cappuccino!

Lets make Cappuccino!

Cappuccino is a popular coffee drink made with espresso that comes from Italy. With equal amounts of espresso, steamed milk and milk foam, it is known for having a strong and rich flavour. In most places, the drink is given in a small cup and has cocoa powder or cinnamon on top of it. People all over the world love cappuccino because it has the perfect mix of espresso strength, creamy texture and frothy foam. It’s a common drink in homes and cafes alike.

Having outgrown its origin as an Italian breakfast drink, the Cappuccino is now popular all over the world. Though most Italians drink their cappuccino in the mornings, nowadays, this classic breakfast coffee has now been adopted as an all-day drink worldwide. For many fans, the cappuccino represents the most harmonious ratio of coffee to milk.

Gear Espresso | Dairy Milk | Temp Hot | Serves Two

  1. Warm your cups on top of your machine or by heating them with hot water. Brew one shot/25ml (1fl oz) of espresso into each cup.
  2. Steam the milk to about 140-150o F) Avoid scalding it. When the bottom of the pitcher is just too hot to touch, the milk is at a comfortable drinking temperature.
  3. Pour the milk over each espresso, maintaining an area of crema around the rim of the cup so that the first sip will have a strong coffee flavor. Aim for a 1cm layer of foam.
  4. Using a shaker or mini sieve, sprinkle over some chocolate or cinnamon powder, if desired.