Coffee World attended Baker’s Festival

Coffee World attended Baker’s Festival

After 4 years of hibernation, the online home baking community BD Bakers has organized Bakers’ Festival 2023, Season 4 from March 3 to March 4 at the capital’s Sena Kalyan Sangstha Tower in Mohakhali. Coffee World attended the fest.

BD Bakers is a Facebook community consisting of more than 40,000 home bakers and baking enthusiasts. Since its journey in 2014, this group has been growing organically through online and offline activities.

The aim of the festival was to facilitate baking entrepreneurs with market exposure and the opportunity to showcase home-baked items such as cakes, desserts and a wide variety of savory dishes. Apart from that, many stalls were full of baking ingredients and goods.

Among the big names, Coffee World attended the fest and offered instant cash discounts and future offers for buying coffee and sides. They also introduced a few new side items, which go well with coffee, such as cheese croissants and Chef’s signature desserts. Coffee World’s Chef and Manager (Operations) Mr. Siragis Salekin told Coffee Protidin, ‘We are trying to get closer to the heart of our customers. Apart from our signature beverages, we are trying to improve our baked goodies to world-class.

Coffee World is a very renowned coffee shop in Dhaka. Their goal is to serve you the finest beverages, our specialty waffles, fresh made-to-order sandwiches and salads, in an ambiance that is comfortable and relaxing.