“Passion and Perseverance: An Interview with Abdul Kader, a Rising Star Barista from Bangladesh, on His Journey to Excellence”

“Passion and Perseverance: An Interview with Abdul Kader, a Rising Star Barista from Bangladesh, on His Journey to Excellence”

Abdul Kader, a brilliant barista from Bangladesh, redefined the coffee industry with his extraordinary abilities and dedication.  Abdul, who is currently working in the United Arab Emirates, started his career as a delivery driver for coffee to various offices. He took a revolutionary jump into the world of coffee via pure passion and a persistent search of knowledge, winning the admiration of both clients and peers. In this exclusive interview, Abdul gives a glimpse into his extraordinary journey and discusses his inspirations, professional aspirations, and tips for emerging baristas.


Q :What inspires you to keep working toward a career as a barista?

A: I love what I do, first and foremost. It is immensely wonderful to see the happiness and contentment on clients’ faces after savoring a delicious cup of coffee. My daily motivation comes from the challenge of improving someone’s attitude via the craft of preparing coffee.

Q: What aspect of your job do you love the most?

A: Observing my customers’ smiles after they enjoy a delicious cup of coffee is what I enjoy about my profession the most. I am so incredibly happy at that time.

Q: Your career as a barista has been outstanding; you’ve even worked abroad. Can you briefly describe your background and how you managed to transition to a global career?

A: I started out working as a coffee delivery person. As I made coffee deliveries to offices, I began to immerse myself in learning as much as I could about coffee. When a barista one day let me prepare my first cup of coffee, it sparked a profound passion inside of me. I committed myself to developing my abilities, striving assiduously to get better every day. I was able to transition into an international career because to my devotion and hard work.

Q: What are your career goals as a barista?

A: I have goals that go beyond working as a barista. My profession is only getting started, and I’m working hard to advance in it by constantly pushing the envelope and reaching new heights.

Q : Do you have any particular goals or dreams you’d like to accomplish in the future?

A: Of course! I hope to one day represent my nation on the world coffee stage. I wish to educate my society about coffee culture while also imparting my expertise on specialty coffee. My ultimate objective is to improve my nation’s standing in the coffee sector.

Q : What guidance would you give to prospective baristas in Bangladesh for honing their abilities and succeeding in this field?

A: My recommendation is to put in a lot of effort and pursue information about coffee and all of its connected topics with tenacity. It’s important to focus on the entire quality of the cup in addition to your pouring abilities and latte art. Aim for perfection in all aspects of coffee preparation.

 Q: Which widespread myths about working as a barista would you wish to dispel?

 A : A typical misunderstanding is that baristas are completely in charge of brewing coffee. However, they also do things like wash the dishes and keep the workplace tidy.

Q : How do you keep up with the most recent developments in the coffee industry?

A: I make it a point to go to every coffee-related event since it keeps me up to date on the newest trends and methods.

Q : Do you have any sources or communities that you turn to for ideas and knowledge?

A: Peter Akingbade, my manager, is both my greatest inspiration and mentor. I am lucky to learn directly from him as a Q Grader and subject matter expert, doing away with the need for extra resources.

Q : Can you tell us about one of your most memorable experiences or interactions with customers while working as a barista?

A: Every interaction I have with a consumer is significant to me. With each cup of coffee I prepare, I work to make a lasting impression and give each customer a sense of appreciation and value.

Q : The last question is, what guidance would you offer to someone who is thinking about becoming a barista but might be scared to make the leap?

A: My recommendation is to avoid pursuing a job in something that you don’t truly enjoy if you don’t have a strong passion for it. Making coffee is only one aspect of being a barista; another is brewing cups of happiness, joy, and desire. Nothing can stop you from pursuing a successful career in this sector if you have the drive within.

The extraordinary rise of Abdul Kader from carrier to renowned barista is a perfect example of the effectiveness of zeal and commitment. He never wavers in his dedication to greatness, which inspires others in the field. Abdul Kader’s future shines brilliantly, promising innovation, joy and innumerable amazing experiences in the world of coffee as he works to represent his nation on the international coffee stage and elevate his society’s coffee culture.

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