The Chocolate Room Bangladesh gets new Head of Operations 

The Chocolate Room Bangladesh gets new Head of Operations 

Tanvir Kaiser has been named as the new Head Of Operations at The Chocolate Room Bangladesh, a well-known chocolate café company with 300+ locations across Australia, India, China, Oman, KSA, UK, UAE, Bangladesh and Nepal. 

Tanvir’s employment began in 2002, and he has extensive knowledge of the food and beverage industries in Bangladesh, having worked for companies such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Gloria Jeanse, Jonny Rocket, The Manhattan Fish Market, Second Cup Coffee, Tony Romas, Chicking and others. 

Tanvir is renowned for his charismatic leadership and depth of understanding of both the Bangladeshi food market and foreign chains.

The Dhaka chapter of Chocolate Room has different kinds of Italian hot chocolate, chocolate fondues, chocolate melting pots, chocolate cakes, waffles and Belgian candies, among other things. There is enough room for about 72 people to sit down.

Chocolate treats almost never let you down. This is why The Chocolate Room Bangladesh is the safe place that people in Dhaka have been waiting for. These promises will keep you coming back for more!

The Chocolate Room is an Australian company that opened its first store in 2006 and has since become a worldwide chain. The chocolate cuddle cup is their pride and joy. It’s a hot chocolate cup that you can hold in your fingers. It’s the perfect winter treat. There are also chocolate treats like cakes and sundaes, as well as fusion foods like burgers and sandwiches, on the menu.