The Best Summer Coffees, Perfect for Getting a Caffeine Hit in Hot Weather

The Best Summer Coffees, Perfect for Getting a Caffeine Hit in Hot Weather

When the weather heats up, many people reach for a refreshing iced coffee to help cool down while still getting their caffeine fix. Here are some of the best summer coffees that are perfect for those hot summer days:

  1. Cold Brew Coffee: Due to its smooth and cooling flavor, cold brew coffee is a popular summer beverage. Long-term steeping of coffee grounds in cold water produces this beverage, which has a smoother flavor and less acidity.
  2. Iced Latte:  Another fantastic choice for coffee enthusiasts in the summer is an iced latte. It is produced by mixing espresso with iced milk and optionally adding syrups for sweetness or spices like cinnamon or nutmeg for taste.
  3. Nitro Cold Brew:  In addition to nitrogen gas, ordinary cold brew coffee is identical to nitro cold brew. Due to this, the coffee has a creamy consistency and frothy head akin to Guinness beer.
  4. Espresso Tonic:  A distinctive and cooling summer coffee beverage is espresso tonic. A shot of espresso, tonic water and ice are combined to create a tart, frothy beverage.
  5. Affogato:  Affogatos are a straightforward but delectable summertime coffee treat. A shot of espresso is combined with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to create this creamy, delectable delight.
  6. Vietnamese Iced Coffee:  Strong coffee and sweetened condensed milk are brewed together to create the sweet and creamy coffee beverage known as Vietnamese iced coffee, which is then served over ice.

For those seeking to sip on a delectable and cooling caffeinated beverage while avoiding the heat, these summertime coffee options are ideal.