The Art of Handling Coffee Beans like a Pro Barista

Mastering the art of coffee bean manipulation, akin to that of a professional barista, is necessary in order to attain optimal flavor and quality in one’s coffee. The use of appropriate techniques for handling the beans is crucial in order to preserve their freshness and optimize their aromatic and gustatory qualities. Below are few recommendations

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Brewing the Future: Unveiling the Evolution of Modern Coffee Culture

In the last few decades, coffee culture has changed a lot. What used to be a simple morning ritual is now a global movement that includes specialty brewing methods, artisanal shops and a greater focus on the quality, source and sustainability of coffee beans. This change is due to a number of things, such as

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Coffee and Acidity

Acidity | TASTING: You may have heard acidity being described positively as “brightness” and negatively as “sourness”. This is the thing about acidity: it is integral to a great cup of coffee, but it is also a broad term. There are good and bad acids where taste is concerned, and there are also compounds that

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