Mahmid Hassan Samel, Sugarpuffs !

Mahmid Hassan Samel, Sugarpuffs !

Mahmid Samel, an ambitious and passionate entrepreneur, was always passionate about Coffees. He envisioned a cozy and welcoming space where people could gather over delicious coffee and delectable treats.

Back in 2014, Sugarpuffs was founded by another founder Ashfia Ahmed, who is a professional Baker and introduced Red velvet cheesecake for the first time in town. That time, Sugarpuffs used to deliver Cheesecakes and more in Metro. Later, Samel joined the think thank, and introduced coffee along with it’s dessert line and started Sugarpuffs first Flagship in 2018. Through out the journey, after serving hundred thousands of happy customers, Samel finally opened his cafe in the vibrant & most busiest commercial place in Gulshan-1 in this year.

From the start, Sugarpuffs was a hit with the locals. Samel had a talent for making people feel at home, and his friendly staff and warm ambiance made the cafe a favorite spot for students and professionals alike. The cafe’s signature drink, a creamy caramel latte, quickly became a customer favorite. Samel’s passion for business started selling Eid Greetings Cards during his childhood at Buet quarter where he was born and spent his entire young hood.

Who knew, that eid card trading which he took as fun will one day lead him to dream of becoming an entrepreneur. His background in business studies, passion to take risk and do something new, proved invaluable in running Sugarpuffs. He carefully managed his inventory, tracked his expenses and developed a marketing plan to attract new customers. He also paid close attention to customer feedback and continually refined his menu to ensure that every dish and drink was a delight to the senses.

As the business grew, with expertise of his founder partner Ashfia Ahmed, Samel hired some talented individuals who made a successful team who together expanded the menu. They created a mouth-watering selection of pastries, cakes and savory items, all made from scratch with the freshest ingredients.

Today, Sugarpuffs is one of the most popular cafes in Town, known for its exceptional coffee, delicious food and charming atmosphere. Samel is proud to have created a business that brings people together and fosters a sense of community. He believes, the more difficulties he had, the more challenges he faced, all those difficulties and sleepless nights gave him the courage to succeed as an entrepreneur. And as he looks around his bustling cafe, he knows that he’s living his dream of running a successful business that makes people happy.

Samel said, What else do you need in life if you can bring smile on people’s face with a cup of coffee everyday! That’s why Sugarpuffs has a tagline, that is “Serving Happiness”! You need to be a lucky one on earth to be able to serve happiness, said Samel.