How to make Vietnamese Egg Coffee: A Creamy Delight You Can’t Resist!

How to make Vietnamese Egg Coffee: A Creamy Delight You Can’t Resist!

Vietnamese Egg Coffee, also known as “Cà Phê Trng” in Vietnamese, is a delicious and distinctive coffee drink that has garnered popularity in Vietnam and around the globe. This luscious beverage combines the robust flavors of Vietnamese coffee with the decadent creaminess of egg yolks and sweetened condensed milk. Here are the steps to Vietnamese Egg Coffee bliss:

The Ingredients Vietnamese Coffee:

Use a robust, darkly roasted Vietnamese coffee: The most popular options are typically Trung Nguyen or Café du Monde. You can percolate it with a French press or a trickle filter.

Egg Yolks: You’ll need egg yolks that are fresh. Use only high-quality eggs to avoid undesirable flavors.

Sweetened Condensed Milk: This is a vital ingredient for flavor and creaminess. Adjust the quantity to your liking.

Sugar (Optional): If you desire a sweetened coffee, you may add sugar, but keep in mind that condensed milk is already quite sugary.

Detailed instructions:

Brew the Coffee: Using your favored method, brew a cup of Vietnamese coffee that is robust and flavorful. Traditional is a trickle filter, but a French press or espresso can also work. 

Prepare the Egg Mixture: Separate the egg yolks and egg whites while the coffee is brewing. You only require the egg yolks. Place the ingredients in a basin and whisk until frothy and pallid in color.

Sweeten the Egg Mixture: While continuing to whisk, gradually incorporate sweetened condensed milk into the egg yolks. The quantity can vary based on personal preference, but one egg yolk to two tablespoons of condensed milk is a common ratio. Adjust according to flavor. 

Combine Coffee and Egg Mixture: Pour prepared coffee into a glass or cup. Then, distribute the egg mixture over the coffee with care. It should float on top, forming a layer of creaminess.

Your Vietnamese Coffee is now available for consumption. You can delicately stir it before sipping to combine the flavors, or you can drink it in layers for a contrasting flavor experience. Some variations include a small dusting of cocoa powder or a few droplets of vanilla extract for additional flavor.

This Egg Coffee is a distinctive combination of robust coffee and buttery richness. It is a must-try for coffee aficionados and those seeking to explore the diverse coffee culture globe. Savor your rich and luscious cup of Vietnamese Egg Coffee.