How to store coffee beans in Summer

How to store coffee beans in Summer

In order to keep coffee beans fresh and flavorful over the summer, appropriate storage is essential. Here are some suggestions on how to store coffee beans in summer:

1. Keep coffee beans in an airtight container:Coffee beans can quickly go bad when exposed to air. As a result, it’s imperative to keep coffee beans in an airtight container that can keep air out.

2. Store coffee beans in a cool, dry place:Coffee beans can also deteriorate due to heat and humidity. It’s ideal to keep them out of direct sunshine, heat sources and moisture in a cold, dry location.

3. Avoid the fridge or freezer:While keeping coffee beans in the refrigerator or freezer during the summer may seem like a smart idea, doing so might actually lead the beans to absorb moisture and aromas from other foods. It’s advisable to stay away from this and keep them somewhere cold and dry instead.

4. Buy smaller quantities:It’s preferable to get smaller amounts of coffee beans if you know you won’t be able to eat a lot of them throughout the summer. The beans will always be fresh if you do this.

5. Use coffee beans within two weeks:After roasting, coffee beans are at their finest when consumed within two weeks. To savor the full flavor of beans that have been sitting for a while, it is advisable to use them up promptly.

How long do roasted coffee beans last?

After being roasted, roasted coffee beans normally remain fresh for two to three weeks. The type of bean, the degree of roasting, the storage conditions and the packaging can all affect how long something will stay fresh.

For instance, since they contain more moisture and are more vulnerable to oxidation than darker roasts, lighter roasts typically have a shorter shelf life. Similar to this, coffee beans will keep better if they are kept out of heat, light and air and kept in a cold, dry location in an airtight container.

Although coffee beans can still be used after their shelf life has passed, some of their flavor and aroma may have been lost. It’s ideal to use freshly roasted beans within a few weeks of roasting to get the greatest cup of coffee possible.

Three key “don’ts” when storing your coffee beans

Here are top three “don’ts” to follow to maximize bean storage and maintain freshness for longer:

Don’t expose to heat: Avoid exposing to heat because if you store your coffee beans somewhere that is hotter than room temperature, the heat will prematurely release all the delicious flavor and cause the beans to go bad.

Don’t expose to air: In order to use part of the beans, you must open the bag and expose them to the air, but the key here is to not expose them for an extended period of time. Be cautious when opening your luggage, swiftly removing what you need, and then resealing it. In the summer especially, prolonged exposure to air will cause moisture to enter the bag, which we know we want to prevent.

Don’t buy too much: The easiest approach to guarantee that you are always utilizing fresh coffee beans is to do this. Just purchase what you require for about two weeks, then restock. You won’t need to experiment with freezing your coffee beans or do anything else to store them for a longer period of time this way.