Enamul Kabir Joined Navana

Enamul Kabir Joined Navana

Enamul Kabir now assumes the role of General Manager at The Navana Foods Ltd, a prominent food company overseeing Gloria Jeans Coffee in Bangladesh.

Enamul commenced his professional journey in 2001 at Concord Entertainment Company, where he served until 2005. Following this, he gained valuable experience in a reputed four star hotel until 2006, before embarking on his tenure at Coffee World. This marked the beginning of a remarkable trajectory in the food and beverage industries of Bangladesh. Over the years, he has accumulated extensive knowledge and experience through roles at esteemed organizations such as Transcom Foods Limited and Hongbao under Dekko Legacy Group. Notably, his current appointment at Navana Foods Ltd is his second stint with the company, following his previous role as Operation Manager from 2011 to 2017.

Enamul Kabir’s exceptional contributions to the industry have earned him international recognition. In 2010, he received the prestigious Best Restaurant General Manager (RGM) award from KFC, a testament to his outstanding leadership. Additionally, in 2011, Enamul furthered his expertise by completing a coffee graduation program at Sydney receiving a graduation certificate and the esteemed Gold Bean Prize.

Renowned for his charismatic leadership style, Enamul Kabir is highly regarded for his profound understanding of both the domestic food market in Bangladesh and the complexities of international chains.