Cimbali appointed authorized distributor in Bangladesh

Cimbali appointed authorized distributor in Bangladesh

La Cimbali Coffee Machines are the world’s finest coffee machines and these are now available in Bangladesh because of Coffee Planet Bangladesh. Coffee Planet Bangladesh is the authorized distributor of La Cimbali coffee machines in Bangladesh. 

La Cimbali is a well-known producer of equipment for making coffee, including commercial espresso machines. These devices are frequently used to prepare premium espresso and other coffee beverages in cafés, restaurants and other business settings.

Coffee Planet Bangladesh is the only company in the coffee industry, with a proud history of serving the Bangladesh market for over 12 years. They are dedicated to promoting the love and culture of coffee in Bangladesh and have been actively working to develop the industry as a whole.

Coffee Planet Bangladesh is committed to providing top-notch equipment and support for growing coffee enterprises as industry specialists in coffee machines. They provide solutions that are specific to your needs with a team of seasoned professionals.

With a warranty and spare parts, Coffee Planet offers thorough training, upkeep and repairs. Beyond sales, Coffee Planet is dedicated to providing continuing service, giving you the freedom to concentrate on your business while they take care of the coffee machine part. The goal of Coffee Planet is the success of your coffee business.

Coffee Planet believes that their work goes beyond just business. They are committed to overall development of the coffee industry in Bangladesh by providing training, support and resources to coffee farmers, roasters and baristas.

One of the ways Coffee Planet does this is by organizing roadshows in all districts of Bangladesh, spreading awareness about coffee and its various forms. They also organize international coffee days and barista championships, which showcase the talents of local baristas and promote the art of coffee making.

Coffee Planet Bangladesh’s goal is to bring the best of the world’s coffee to Bangladesh and to make sure that every cup of coffee enjoyed in Bangladesh is of the highest quality. Coffee Planet team is made up of experienced industry professionals who are passionate about coffee and are dedicated to promoting the culture of coffee in Bangladesh.

Coffee Planet Bangladesh is the best coffee machine supplier In Bangladesh & Authorized Distributor of Cimbali Coffee Machines.