Best Barista in 2022

Best Barista in 2022

I just heard about Anthony Douglas, a barista from Melbourne who won the title of best barista in the world at the World Barista Championships by impressing judges with his unique approach to brewing coffee and dedication to perfecting his craft. As a coffee lover myself, I find his success truly inspiring and can’t wait to see how his techniques will influence the coffee industry in the future.

Douglas won both the Victorian and Australian barista championships, which enabled him to participate in the international event. His exceptional skills and unique approach to brewing coffee impressed the judges, earning him the coveted title of world champion.

Douglas’ winning cups were the result of his dedication and expertise in the field. He put in countless hours of training and preparation to perfect his craft. His approach to brewing coffee was innovative and tailored to each individual cup, resulting in a truly exceptional taste.

Douglas’ success serves as an inspiration to aspiring baristas around the world. His dedication and commitment to the art of coffee brewing have set a new standard in the industry, and his techniques are sure to influence coffee culture for years to come.

The World Barista Championship (WBC) is the preeminent international coffee competition produced annually by World Coffee Events (WCE). The competition focuses on promoting excellence in coffee, advancing the barista profession, and engaging a worldwide audience with an annual championship event that serves as the culmination of local and regional events around the globe.