5 Brilliant Tips & Tricks to Make Strong Coffee !

5 Brilliant Tips & Tricks to Make Strong Coffee !

In the quiet of early morning, the sound of a grinder can be heard in the kitchen. This means that strong coffee, a drink that goes beyond habit, is about to be made. As you carefully measure out each scoop, the excitement builds until the rich, smooth pour of the dark liquid into your waiting mug. This isn’t just any cup; it’s a powerful liquid that promises not only warmth but also a strong start to the day.

Here are some recommendations for making your coffee flavorful and potent.

1. Choose the ideal beans: The type of beans and roast quality play key roles in determining great coffee beans. You should pay attention to both if you want to make the strongest coffee.

Bean Variety

Arabica and Robusta are the two most common varieties of coffee beans. The best-tasting and least bitter beans are generally thought to be Arabica beans, which are more expensive and challenging to grow. Contrarily, Robusta beans have a less palatable, more bitter flavor and higher caffeine. Look for coffee beans that are 100% Arabica for the strongest brew with the most unique flavor. 

If caffeine content is your top concern, you might want to look for beans that combine tasty Arabica and Robusta, which have high levels of caffeine. As they have nearly twice as much caffeine as regular beans, adding them will make your coffee more caffeinated overall. However keep in mind that Robusta beans also have a more bitter flavor, so you might find yourself sacrificing flavor for caffeine levels.

Lighter flavors like fruits, herbs and flowers are more likely to be overpowered when producing a strong cup of coffee. You might like blended beans over single-origin coffee for this purpose.

Coffee Level

You might want to buy dark roasted beans if you want the strongest coffee flavor. These glossy, black beans have a smoky flavor from being roasted for a very long time and are frequently covered in natural oils. Although espresso, Italian and French roasts may be the ones you are most familiar with, there are a number of other varieties, including High, Continental, New Orleans, European, and Viennese.

On the other hand, light roast beans, which have a slightly greater caffeine content relative to their volume, are a good option if you want more caffeine but don’t enjoy bitter or extremely harsh coffee.

2. Ensure that your coffee is fresh: Even if you’ve chosen a fantastic variety of expertly roasted coffee beans, if they aren’t fresh, you’ll lose out on a lot of flavor. Coffee beans that are past their prime still contain a lot of caffeine but lack flavor.

Verify that your beans have recently been roasted and ground in order to ensure their freshness. After roasting, the flavor of coffee beans peaks one to two weeks later. They start to taste awful after about a month. Check the roast dates on your coffee bags, or try ordering from a roaster that roasts coffee beans on demand and delivers them right away. Even roasting beans at home is an option. 

Purchasing whole beans and grinding them right before brewing is an additional technique to guarantee that your coffee is fresh. During 15 minutes of brewing, grind only what you need to ensure a robust, fresh flavor.

3. Pick a fantastic brewing technique: Any brewing technique will produce a strong cup of coffee, although some will be simpler than others. Try using an espresso maker or percolator, which are both made to cram a lot of caffeine and flavor into a small cup, for the strongest, most concentrated coffee. 

4. Consider the size of your grind: The strength of your coffee can be significantly influenced by how finely you grind your beans. Although the ideal grind size will primarily depend on your preferred brewing method, keep in mind that coffee that is ground too coarsely may taste bland and weak.

If you grind your beans too coarsely, they might not be fully extracted, which means the water passing through them won’t be sufficiently flavorful. You should ground your coffee beans more finer to allow for full extraction if you desire a robust coffee flavor. But be careful not to overdo it since if you ground them up too finely, the flavor may wind up being over extracted and bitter.

5. Add more coffee: Adding extra coffee beans is the quickest and easiest way to make your beverage stronger. You’ll undoubtedly get a stronger cup of coffee with more intense flavor if you add more beans or use less water.

For regularly made coffee, the “Golden Ratio” is two tablespoons of coffee to every six ounces of water. Typically, one tablespoon of espresso grounds are used for every two ounces of water in a shot of espresso. Try experimenting with different ratios to make your coffee stronger. If you want to get fancy, try weighing your coffee beans on a kitchen scale. 

Any brewing technique can be used to complete this. Make two small Keurig cups or two double shots of espresso in the same mug. Pour over extra coffee grounds, or use less water in your percolator. Using any brewing method, it’s simple to make a stronger cup of coffee.


For a bold cup of coffee, selecting excellent beans, properly grinding them, and selecting the ideal brewing technique are all important steps. Additionally, it’s hard to go wrong with extra coffee beans. We hope that these 5 strategies will enable you to consistently make robust, tasty coffee.