How to Fix Common Coffee Problems

How to Fix Common Coffee Problems

Fixing common coffee problems can make the process of making coffee better. Here are some usual problems and how to fix them:

Coffee Tastes Bitter:

Cause: This happens when the coffee grounds are in water for too long, which is called over-extraction.

Solution: Make the grinds rougher or shorten the brewing time. Change the amount of coffee to water.

Coffee Tastes Sour:

Cause: If your coffee tastes sour, it’s probably because the water isn’t extracting enough flavor from the coffee grounds.

Solution: Either grind the coffee more finely or let it steep for longer. Make sure the water is 90 to 96°C (195 to 205°F) warm.

Coffee isn’t Strong:

Cause: Not enough coffee grounds or too much water.

Solution: Add more water to the coffee. You can either add more coffee grounds or less water.

Coffee is Too Strong:

Cause: There are too many coffee grounds or not enough water in the coffee, making it too strong.

Solution: Lower the amount of coffee to water. Either use fewer coffee grounds or add more water.

The Coffee Tastes Old:

Cause: Because you used old coffee beans or coffee that was already ground.

Solution: Use coffee beans that have just been roasted and ground. Keep beans away from light and moisture in a container that won’t let air in.

Coffee is Cloudy or Has Sediment:

Cause: too fine of a grind or too much shaking during brewing.

Solution: Either grind the coffee more coarsely or get a better coffee filter. Do not stir the coffee too much while it is making.

Metallic or Bitter Coffee aftertaste:

Cause: Using water that has a lot of minerals in it or making it with tools that need to be descaling.

Solution: Filtered or bottled water is the answer. Descale your coffee maker regularly by following the directions that came with it.

Coffee Maker leaks:

Cause: Parts that are broken or out of place, or too many coffee grounds.

Solution: Look for broken parts, make sure all the parts are lined up correctly, and clean up any extra coffee grounds.

Coffee Tastes Burnt:

Cause: Why does my coffee taste burned? Because I used too much hot water or the coffee got too hot while it was making.     

Solution: To fix this, make sure the water temperature is between 195-205°F (90-96°C) and don’t leave made coffee on a hot plate for too long.

Uneven Extraction:

Cause: The coffee grounds in the filter are not spread out evenly, which is the cause.

Solution: To make sure the coffee grounds are extracted evenly, stir them in the filter before making.

Remember that finding the best cup of coffee usually takes some trial and error and making changes based on your own tastes.